Cindy Landers

I hear a single chime,

a lonely tone on a light breeze

born to echo in leafy spaces.

But it does not fade.

Resonance gives it wings to fly

unhindered on the wafting wind

until it comes to roost

on some composer’s page

where flocks of notes are forming.

Soon the honeyed migration begins.

Notes chord the air. The music rises, taking wing,

fanning out, diffused and dispersing.

Until at last, the lone tone on a light breeze

flies home again to join the

choir that chimes beneath the oak.



Broad about you the cavern yawns

and water runs like liquid crystal

down its rocky throat,

coursing through the dark mother belly.

The rushing, swirling sound of it

rises up and surrounds you.

You are a double helix

circling back upon yourself,

creating issues as you go,

pulling darkness from the well of life

and flaying it with daylight.

Now it lays about you in heaps,

shreds and ribbons that

you tie around your arm like

bands of mourning.

You push upon the apex of time,

eager to get on with it,

keen to connect the dots

in this triangle of

creation, birth, and life.



Cindy Landers

Cindy Landers

Writer, digital artist, content strategist and developer.